Guild History

Over thirty years ago, the Hunterdon County Adult Education Program offered many craft related courses, including Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing, Rug Hooking, Quilting, and others. To continue paying for courses after one had learned the basics, when the different levels were finished, seemed expensive for many county residents. Josephine Knobloch went to the director, and related a need for people to meet and share, perfecting what they already had learned, without any more fees, other than dues and incidentals. The director agreed that a variety of guilds be formed, under county sponsorship, being linked financially with the county accounts, and providing meeting places and insurance.

The guilds, in return were to share their knowledge and expertise with those who knew the basics of their craft, "to encourage the growth and improve the quality", and included "local meetings; lectures and workshops at home and away; visits to museums and craft shows; (and) public exhibits or individual projects of its members at various locations."

The Sewing Guild is no longer around, but the Knit and Crochet, Quilt, Rug Hooking, Needlework, and Baking are all still working together. I'm not sure if Woodcarving and Painting are guilds, also.

All quotes are from the by-laws. I spoke to Josephine for the anecdotal history, and who is the founder of the guilds. We owe her a debt of gratitude, for arranging the ability to have meeting rooms, for free, and the support of the county. Most groups have to pay a rental fee to use meeting spaces. Let's celebrate our gifts, and begin the New Year as a group with a future, as well as a history.



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